What is our Philosophy

Simply explained, Aestheticism was a branch of Philosophy where the Art from this movement tended to focus more on being beautiful rather than having a deeper meaning. The subjective view of beauty became the primary means of judging value.

quoteWhere Aestheticism gets a whole new significance. #BRAIDEDFINESSEquote

Gems & diamonds reveal the earth’s purest form of beauty and one of KRVMER's priorities is to translate this beauty into unique Jewelry reflecting & acknowledging the complexity & diversity of each person. KRVMER strongly believes that each person has a natural desire to shine, to feel special, to feel unique. Wearing KRVMER Jewelry should be an exquisite pleasure enforcing that natural desire to feel unique & special; it should be the perfect addition to your own identity. There is more to the subjective view of what peoples eyes alone can catch.

Historically, gems & diamonds have been used to beautify and adorn. They have also acted as currency and been held as physical assets of wealth. Collecting gemstones & diamonds is a wonderful investment to also be admired, loved and passed on to upcoming generations. 

quoteGemstones & diamonds have a beauty unlike anything else. Because they allow light inside & refract it.quote

Each KRVMER piece is handcrafted in Belgium, and exceeds the most demanding standards. Every individual has the ability to connect with a matching stone suitable for each event & moment of the day. Uniting the earth’s organic treasures with artistic balanced design, eye for beauty, and the best craftsman’s skills is our specialty. We create your ultimate- breathtaking -honest luxury.

quoteJewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.quote

Dare to be different. #BRAIDEDFINESSE