Summan's Wealth
Summan's Wealth

Summan's Wealth

21 gr yellow & rosé gold 18K
VVS (Brilliant) 24 diamonds approx. 0,14 ct
20 mm diameter

€ 4.259,-

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About Summan's Wealth

Chinese legends speak of a tree (yaoqianshu 摇钱树) that when shaken causes coins from its branches to fall to the ground.

A man is standing on one of the lower branches with his right arm outstretched and his left hand on his hip. He is holding on to another branch and shaking it in order to cause the coins to fall to the ground so he can gather them.

The legend says that new coins grow on the branches to replace those that have fallen. 

The tree is therefore seen as a symbol for an inexhaustible supply of money. 

Important details

Our "Summan Collection" counts 3 pair of cufflinks and only 100 pieces are manufactured from each pair of cufflinks worldwide. Our logo will be handcrafted inside the cufflinks so as the number of the pair of cufflinks. Reflecting your desire to feel unique, to be treated unique and to be accompanied by your ideal partner in KRVMER

Customize your KRVMER cufflinks with our complimentary engraving.

Enjoy our complimentary worldwide shipping!

Dare to be different. #BRAIDEDFINESSE